Thursday, October 15, 2009

October - The End of the Raspberries

Chloe and Nezi - picking and eating

The last picking of the raspberries broke my heart. I wanted to cry in the fields. This was the beginning of my first winter in the country. The bounty of the summer harvest gave me energy, made me happy, gave me hope...could the long cold winter with 2 greenhouses and a root cellar really compare?

Go out in style raspberries - go in a tart.

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  1. Raspberries was the one thing that captured Chloe's attention at the farm the most. She fearlessly battled the thorny bushes, using her height to pull off the raspberries all the adults were too tall to notice. Unfortunately or fortunately for her, she never came away with many since she ate as she picked. She often would come home showing us her boo boos and not understanding where they came from, masked by the adrenaline rush of picking, and only revealing themselves at home during her bath (not fun).