Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Night's Dinner - Indian Spiced Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin with Local Apple Chutney with Roasted Potatoes & Cauliflower and Just Picked Greens

We have successful completed our move - most of the boxes are now unpacked - except of course for the large box of potatoes that I found a nice place for in our new garage. Tired and sore from lifting, unpacking, and organizing, I once again turned to a local food blog (Sag Harbor Days) for inspiration for last night's dinner. Her Roasted Potatoes with Indian Spices recipe made my mouth water. The spice mixture for the potatoes also became the dry rub for the grass fed beef tenderloin I picked up earlier in the day.

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Begin by making the potato recipe found here on Sag harbor Days (but double the amount of spices used and put aside on a large plate to use as the rub for the tenderloin).

Local Apple Chutney
Serves 4
What you need:
2 Apples Diced and Skins Removed
1 Red Onion Diced
1 Tablespoon of Minced Ginger
1/8 Cup Red Wine VInegar
1/4 Cup of Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
1/2 Teaspoon of Allspice

Combine the above in a small sauce pan and heat over medium high heat until boiling. Reduce heat and stir. Cover and simmer for 30 or so minutes. Stir and remove from heat.

Indian Spiced Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin
What you need:
Beef Tenderloin
Spice mixture from Potato Dish

Season the tenderloin with salt and then roll in the dry rub mixture and set aside.

Heat grill or grill pan to a high heat and begin to cook the tenderloin turning about 3 times after cooking for about 6 minutes each side. If you are using a grill pan, sear on all sides and then transfer to the oven set at 400 degrees and cook until desired doneness (about 13 minutes). Allow to rest and then slice and top with Apple Chutney.

Serve with roasted cauliflower and a green salad.

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