Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quail Hill Mourns

A few weeks ago there was a tragic accident at our local CSA Quail Hill Farm and Josh Levine one of our farmers lost his life.

Standing outside his funeral were many people that simply could not fit into the synagogue, my husband Dan and I were among those outside. For well over two hours we stood there in silence waiting, wondering, only slightly able to hear the numerous friends and family members one after another paying their respects to Josh.

We didn't know Josh all that well. We were small town acquaintances with one very special thing in common - the precious Quail Hill Farm. His presence was always felt on the farm where he worked for the past several years. He was an advocate of this blog and posted links to it on the Farm's Facebook page.

Since his death, I have been uninspired to write my blog and have had anxiety about returning to the farm - which I did yesterday - it was the bi-monthly winter share harvest day.

Mae, my 2 and a half year old, and I went over around noon to collect our vegetables, talk to the farmers and re-connect with other farm members.

The mood in the farmhouse was uneasy, the faces sullen, while the bright rays of sun streaked into the dusty farmhouse illuminating the kale, cabbage, onions, squash.

I am sure a blanket of sadness will cover the farm for a long time, although I know in the magical hands of Scott, the head farmer, the bounty and beauty of land will serve as an homage to all of Josh's efforts.

Josh's presence will be greatly missed and my deepest feelings go out to his family and friends.

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