Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Morning's Breakfast - Slow Scrambled Iacono Farm Eggs with Scallions, The Amagansett Baguette, Local Radishes and Local Berries

Just Picked Scallions

Slow Scrambled Eggs are amazing and once you have them you will never be able to eat fast cooked scrambled eggs again.

Slow Scrambled Eggs
For 5 adults and 2 kids I used 12 eggs.
Chives or greens of scallions (as you can see, I used scallions here)
2 splashes of milk
Salt and Pepper

I rarely use non-stick pans, but in the case of slow cooked scrambled eggs a non-stick makes the clean-up much easier and also none of the eggs will stick to the bottom of the pan when cooking.

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk or in your Kitchen Aid Mixer with the whisk attachment on low. Heat to medium heat and add one tablespoon of butter. Add eggs and reduce to med-low or low heat depending on how hot your stove cooks. Its better to reduce to the lowest possible setting and then increase the heat if you need to. Fold the eggs frequently and after they begin to come together add your chopped herbs. Cook to desired doneness.

The Amagansett Baguette was baked by Carissa Waechter of the Amagansett Farmers Market. Her amazing baguettes rival even the best baguettes in Paris.

The Radishes and Scallions are drizzled with a little olive oil and sea salt.

Served with a wedge of Constant Bliss, a soft cow's milk cheese from Lucy's Whey in East Hampton.

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