Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tonight's Dinner - Easter Pie, Fried Egg and Slow Roasted Tomato

Easter Pie

Whenever I make Easter Pie I adapt the recipe from the Silver Spoon and use greens that I have an abundance of - right now its spinach from the farm- so that is the only green I used in tonight's pie. I cut the amount of eggs in half (5 instead of 10) and I used thyme as the herb.

I have to credit this recipe to a friend from the farm that told me about it last year when we were in the field picking peas one Tuesday evening in June.

I also use the same recipe from my whole wheat pizza dough for crust found here.

And here is the slow roasted tomato recipe. These were "local" hothouse tomatoes from Riverhead, NY.

The eggs are from Iacono, my favorite chicken farm located in East Hampton, NY.

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